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Case study.


Restoring polished concrete floor usingAD1419.

The Silicon base Concrete Densifier

Luxury Villa in Dongguan.

The floor of this villa was a total failure because of the unprofessional working procedure that cause the floor cracking , peeling off layers and lost of strength  due to;

1.Too much water added while mixing of concrete.

2.Sand, cement and aggregate is out of ratio.

3.Other reason like low temperature, dirty sand with soil,

4.Poor maintenance and short curing period.

We decide to take the steps below to improve the situation

1.Cleaning of the floor.

2.Grinding with various grinding disc.

3.Spray AD 1419 to saturation and maintain moisture for 2 hours to assure absorption and hardness.

4.Grinding the floor surface with finer grade grinding disc to get the best gloss

The original ground before construction

Working procedures

Restored at  it’s best .

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