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Dongguan AODA Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

We make quality products to serve you better!

The technology of our products

Aoda Sealed concrete curing agent Belong to the international leading industry of silica in the fourth generation of curing agent series products, Macao of sealed concrete curing agent quality excellence and application value worthy of your choice!

Independent research and development production

Aoda to independent research and development production of the fourth generation of concrete curing agent Silica liquid environmental curing agent, fast Production of power...

Commercial advantage

Set production, sales and service in a body specialized technical guidance team, is your ideal cooperation partner.

Market prospect

Aoda was sealed concrete curing agent through SGS, and other quality and safety certification, widely applied to meet the requirements of the various, have unlimited market competition forces...

The quality safety

Company strict quality testing mechanism, the world is a new generation of high-end technology to solve the problem of the multiple the previous products, such as white, hardness is not enough, etc...

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