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Dongguan AODA Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

We have the advantage of

The leading product technology, with the best quality service

The professional services

We provide professional services,From the choice of product positioning, using technology, usLead the market, because we work harder

Sweet things

We use more time to communicate with customer demand, with more focus on the technology and application of sealed concrete curing agent

Leading technology

We have many years of experience in research and development technology and services to thousands of companies, has rich experience in production and sales

The customer value

Customer appreciation we use high quality intimate technical service for each customer to provide the correct method of use, in a more mature solutions to every problem


Civil buildings, high-end water applications


Enterprise factory widely used industrial ground


Shopping malls, schools and other commercial concrete ground application


The fourth generation of sealed concrete curing agent has the competitive advantage

Aoda cement ground seal curing agent,curing agent, sealing the concrete seal curing agent, permeable sealinghardening agent, is a colorless, transparent, convenient construction, nowhitening, strong penetration, durability of concrete sealing liquid additives,curing agent by infiltration in concrete, chemical reaction, and chemicalsubstances the formation of gel pores and cracks, shrinkage of concrete, theconcrete as a whole with dense, thus greatly improve the surface hardness, wearresistance, concrete impermeability, freeze-thaw cycle performance.


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